Monday, May 16, 2011

People are so damn rude!

Gah, people are so effing rude! Seriously. There was a end of the year awards ceremony at Thing 1's class this morning. The letter the teacher sent home asked for parents to be there at 8:30, so they could start at 8:45. Well apparently that was too much to ask for almost 75% of the class's parents. Plus not only are they just walking in during the middle of it, but they're on their phones, walking into the middle of it, or dragging in huge ass strollers. Half of them didn't show up until 9:00, when the thing was basically over. It's a classroom thing, it's not a whole day thing. Be on time for Christ's sake. Not only that, but these a-holes are the one who won't park in the visitors lot, but will block the fire lane with their cars so they can be right out front, because god forbid they move their fat asses more than 40 feet.

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The Crazy AZ family said...

Your posts are so funny! Keep 'em coming please!