Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The One? Soul Mates?

My husband's birthday is next week, he'll be 32. We are rapidly approaching a spot in our lives where we've been together for longer than 1/2 of our lives. That's what happens when you marry the person you start dating at age 17.

I don't like the term "soul mates" but I have a theory of "The One." Meaning that there's one person in the world out there for everyone, the person that completes you. However, sometimes that One person isn't meant to be your spouse or significant other. This is the person that when you have your first conversation with them, it's like you've known them your entire life. It's the person who, when they're not around, it feels like you're missing a limb. Yes, this is about as treacly as I get, so forgive my Hallmark sentiments. And, I'd like to think that in my case, my husband is my "One."

Does this mean that my husband and I are perfect? Not at all! We fight, but we fight reasonably. We don't dredge up the past, and we don't hold grudges. I've never kicked him out of our bed just because I'm mad at him, and I think that if you do that, you've got bigger problems than just an argument. We also aren't ones for dramatic, excessive romantic gestures. I don't need hot air balloon rides and dozens of roses, getting clean laundry put away for me is a more romantic gesture.