Monday, January 10, 2011

Ah Sunday

Woke up Sunday morning to suspicious peace and tranquility. Looked at the clock, it read 9:39 AM.

This is HUGE, usually I've yelled at the children at least 6 times by this point in the morning. Not only that, no one has come to me demanding ice cream, toast with jelly or juice.

I kick Frank.

I tell him, it's almost 10, and we haven't heard the kids this morning. He gets it too- he says "this is bad."

We get up, look downstairs, and the kids are playing together in the living room.

Weird, but OK, we'll go with it.

He jumps in the shower, I go downstairs to get some breakfast into the kids.

I get downstairs, and find a HUGE puddle in the kitchen. Kids have been playing with water.

I go to them to find out what they did with the water. Behind the couch, there's a blanket covering a pile of something. I move the blanket. Underneath I find Barbie Goes to Sea World, complete with a basin of water, some of which is still dripping OUT OF THE COUCH.

Needless to say, I basically lose my shit. I banish them to their rooms with threats of extreme violence and limb removal if they so much as look in my direction in the next hour. Not only that, they need to clean up their bedrooms and put away all the clothes that were for some reason pulled out of drawers and thrown into the hallway (this is normal behavior every morning, so it doesn't really set me off).

Frank and I grab the econo-size trash bags, and start throwing stuff out. We did a normal Pre-Christmas clean out. This clean out was vindictive. The kids lost a lot of toys. Mind you, they still have a lot, but we did a serious purge.

I am just DONE with them and their inability to take care of things. If they can't handle it, they'll find themselves without any toys pretty soon.

Oh, yeah, and we need a new couch, because ours now stinks.