Friday, August 28, 2009

Is She a Vampire?

Yesterday, when I got my youngest from daycare, there was a note on her daily report- “Avery bit another child and left a mark.” But the teacher didn’t mention it, so I didn’t even notice it until we got to the car. When I did see it, I asked Avery who she bit (Avery is 2, in case you were wondering). She looks at me, puts her hands on her hips and says “Bitey Shawn” which I suppose translates to I bit Shawn. Then, in what I can only imagine is the re-enactment of the post biting lecture, she gets a bit agitated and starts pointing and saying “No, no bitey Shawn. In time out.” And then it trails off into 2 year old babble that I can’t even begin to translate.

Now, I know Avery bites. But, it’s gone down considerably in frequency, especially as she got more verbal. I spoke with her teacher, and they were pretty sure that yesterday’s bite wasn’t a huge issue. That Avery just got overwhelmed by the other kids, and took it out on someone smaller than her. It’s really the first time in about 4 months that she’s bitten anyone who isn’t named Anaya or Adeline, so that’s a relief.

Next year, when she’s potty trained, I’m hoping to move her into a pre-school program, in a center. Something I can’t do now because of the cost, and because she’d get kicked out for biting. As much as I love her current daycare, I think being with more kids will be better for her. More kids her age. This kid is too smart for her own good. She’s devilishly smart. Knows how to problem solve. For example, Mommy’s candy is hidden high in a cabinet. Neither of the other kids have ever attempted to get in there. Avery gets a chair, pushes the chair to the counter. Climbs onto the counter, pulls the chair up onto the counter, to get to the candy. I come into the kitchen, and find her covered with chocolate, sitting on the chair, on the counter. She’s also the kid who will get into the pantry, rip open a box of cereal, and then use scissors to cut into the bag. Need I remind you, she’s only 2!

Monday, August 24, 2009

I turned 31 yesterday. A year ago, I started this blog, with the intentions of doing daily entries. That didn’t happen. But, many things have happened over the last calendar year (besides me getting a year older).
First off, my baby, Avery, is no longer a baby, but a toddler. She turned 2 on August 1. She is my last baby. We indulge her a little, and she’s kind of bossy, but in an adorable way. Over the past year she started walking and then running. Climbing, jumping, talking and became her own person instead of a lump. The baby stage isn’t my favorite, I’m a much bigger fan of the toddler stage, even if it is more work. Avery is also in her own bed, a twin size bed, in her own room. She knows the letters A and Y.

Then there’s Anaya. She’s the sensitive one in the middle. She’s much quieter than either of her two sisters, more passive, and prone to irrational fears. While the irrational fears have gotten slightly better, she still has some quirks. She has a fear of dogs, especially little dogs. She hates when it rains, and takes a windy day as a personal attack. She gets carsick, and therefore can’t sit in the very back row of the van. Anaya is also my typhoid Mary. If there is something going on, Anaya will get it, and be sicker than the rest of the family put together. She’s susceptible to lung infections, and gets bronchitis at least twice a year. She’ll be 5 in November, and started pre-school this school year. The teacher tells me that she doesn’t participate a lot, and hangs back to watch everyone else do the activities. Not a big surprise, because in her other daycare, it took almost a year before she’d talk in circle time. When Adeline and Avery get too rough for her, she goes and hides out in the quiet of the upstairs playroom.

Adeline, my oldest is a social butterfly. She’s my clone looks-wise, but far more outgoing than I ever was. We call her the mayor of her school, since everyone seems to know her name. It’s interesting when we pick her up after school. Everyone, even the older kids say goodbye to her by name. Adeline is the benevolent dictator of the playroom. It mostly runs on what she wants to do and what TV shows she wants to watch, but she occasionally lets Anaya do some choosing. She’s in First Grade now. School work isn’t her strong point, but socialization is. Recently mastered counting to 100, and basic and primer sight word lists.

Frank and I have been together now for almost 14 years, and will be celebrating our 9 year wedding anniversary this October. We’ve hit some rough patches, but worked through them. I called him out on his expectations that I would just sit back and let him go globe trotting while leaving me home with the kids. He’s also trying to be around more, which is difficult due to his work situation. He’s trying to take the two days off a week that are due to him, but it doesn’t always happen. I’m more vocal in what I expect from him now. If I need him to get up and help me with the kids in the morning, I wake him up, and can’t expect him to be able to read my mind. I’m trying to be less passive aggressive.

My goals for the upcoming year-
1. Gain control of my closet. Do a major clean-up job and get rid of a lot of items, or put them in storage in the garage.
2. Get to a more healthy weight. Lose 20-40 pounds. 20 would put me at pre-baby weight, 40 would be pre-wedding weight.
3. Attain number 2 by eating better, incorporate more vegetables into my daily diet, whole grains, etc.
4. Spend less money. Stop impulse purchases. I have tons of clothes, there is no reason to go out and buy any at all this year. Stop buying magazines. Use the library for books.