Friday, October 30, 2009

Poor Baby

Poor Avery has caught a nasty cold. I’m not saying it’s H1N1, but it might be. We’ve already had one confirmed case in our house. In September, the husband became my 4th child when he came down with H1N1. He is such a whiney baby when he’s sick. The husband had a confirmed case, and seeing as how the older two girls had been sick a few weeks before with similar, but less intense symptoms, his doctor suspects they also had H1N1.

The poor baby was up last night from 11:30 -1:00 AM. I couldn’t find the mask and tubing parts for the nebulizer, and I suspect one of her sisters walked off with it. Eventually I got her to calm down, got some Tylenol down her throat, and she drifted off to sleep in her room with the humidifier running at full blast. The very dry air we’re experiencing right now isn’t helping matters at all.

I suspect that Halloween will be a complete bust for her. Feeling crappy doesn’t help, but she is also petrified of her costume. She yells at me whenever I try to dress her up in it. Today she’s supposed to be going to a Halloween party, and I have her stand-by costume ready to go. It’s a skeleton sweatsuit that she didn’t wear last year because it was too hot.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Picture Time!

I took Anaya to get her pictures taken this weekend. She hasn’t had her picture taken professionally since she was 2. Since then, whenever we stepped into a studio, she’s had a complete melt-down. I think it was the pressure of being told what to do and where to sit and how to smile and all that. She’s very obstinate. This time, she made it through the shoot, and her picture actually came out really cute. I hate to be biased, but Anaya is probably the prettiest of my kids. When you catch her in the right mood, she can be really photogenic.